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Why Choose Andrews Staffing

At Andrews Staffing, we help industrial clients find the right staff members. We focus exclusively on the Light Industrial market and have designed a variety of customizable staffing solutions specific to the skill requirements, time constraints and cost sensitivity of your business.

We completely familiarize ourselves with each client’s internal culture, rules, procedures, and objectives. We then utilize our strong foundation in the light industrial area to establish the perfect solution for each individual client.

While people are our most important asset, our strong relationships with our clients are the lifeblood that allows us to be successful.

How We Work

We hire the best talent in the industry to fulfill your most important talent needs.

Whether you’re looking for a Maintenance Mechanic candidate five years into their career, or a seasoned Quality Assurance professional, our experienced recruiters are connected to the best talent in the industry, and are ready to make the right connection for you.

Our temporary, temp-to-hire, direct placement and payroll solutions provide the framework and foundation for your staffing success.

Temporary Staffing

Our temporary staffing services enable you to fill short-term needs for qualified employees. We can help you support upcoming projects, meet seasonal requirements and reduce your workforce during slow manufacturing periods. Hiring individuals on a contract basis allows your company to maintain proper staff levels and retain the talent available today, while reducing employee-related costs.

Temp-to-Hire Staffing

Your company can benefit from the traditional services a temporary staffing agency offers with the option to hire the employee permanently. You can observe the employee on the job to determine if he or she is the right fit for the position. After the contract period is complete, the employee can be hired on a permanent basis.

Direct Placement Staffing

Through our direct placement staffing services, Andrews Staffing recruits and screens candidates so you can focus on your business. You can rely on our professional recruiters to select the perfect employee.

Payroll Services

We handle every aspect of the payroll process, from preparing documentation for your review to delivering final paychecks. We guarantee compliance with every aspect of unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation obligations and you can count on consistent and uniform application of all federal, state, and local legal obligations.

How can we work together?

There are many recruitment agencies out there, but few offer the expertise in Light Industrial that Andrews Staffing can provide. Contact our experienced professionals today.

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