The Jack-Of-All Trades Machinists

There are two types of machinists. One is a manual machinist, the second is a CNC (computer numerically controlled) machinist. Both are highly skilled individuals who have more than likely been working in the world of machine tool/advanced manufacturing for as many as 7 or more years. Today a machinist has to be computer-literate, understand basic electronics and basic physics.

Some machinists may produce large amounts of a single part. Others may do maintenance work like repairing or making new parts for existing machinery. Most machinists work in small machining shops or in manufacturing firms that produce durable goods including metalworking, industrial machinery, aircraft or motor vehicles.

The growth of CNC Machinists in the market will see positions increase for machinists at a rate of 7% adding around 29,900 positions from 2010 – 2020.

Your Resource Center

At Andrews Staffing, we have a deep knowledge of the local market and extensive expertise, which has distinguished us as the go-to source for both manual and CNC Machining talent. More than a business, this is our home and we are on a first-name basis with many of the talented professionals in the area.

Contact one of our machinist staffing recruiters at your local Andrews Staffing branch to learn more.

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