Warehouse / Distribution

Receiving, Storing, and Shipping

Warehouse distribution workers work in a variety of industries, including retail, postal, automotive and food. They are responsible for receiving and storing merchandise, unloading off the back of trucks and delivery vans. Others prepare and load merchandise for shipping. They are often responsible for the upkeep of the warehouse, as well as making sure items that are delivered and sent out are in good condition.

Job titles include Distribution Operator or Manager, Front Line Supervisor, Forklift Operator, Inventory Checker, Order Checker, Warehouse Selector, Transport Operation Coordinator, and Warehouse Operations Manager.

Almost all industries need employers who can help distribute merchandise, which is why opportunities for warehouse workers are likely to remain abundant for years to come. An example of a future challenge for the experts in distribution is to meet the demands generated by remote shopping over phone and Internet, requiring new, quick and flexible distribution solutions according to the customers’ expectations.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of packers and packagers will increase by more than 13 percent through 2018, while those for warehouse laborers and material movers will increase by more than 3 percent during the same decade.

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